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This is going to be a great basketball game and in reality should decide the National Title. West Virginia plays tough hard nosed defense and is very physical. Duke has experience and plays very tough defense as well. Both come from great conferences and are teams that won their conference tournaments.

While West VIrginia is missing one of their best players, I dont’ think he’ll make that big of a difference. When I watch Mazzulla play point guard I see a true leader out on the court who directs his team very well and gets them in their sets. He played very well against arguably the most talented team in the country and more than held his own. West Virginia is long, athletic and physical and will have the players to guard Singler, Scheyer and Smith.

On Dukes end they have experienced players who are playing very well as a team right now. They are very streaky shooting the ball but it is rare that all 3 are off at the same time. Scheyer has shot the ball horribly lately and that will have to change as West virginia will play a little zone in the game.

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I like West Virginia in this game despite the fact that I believe it will be a very close game that could come down to foul shots. West Virginia is not a great foul shooting team so that edge does go to Duke.Well see...

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Great shooters prepare themselves to shoot before they even get the ball. If you always wait until after you get the ball to bend your knees and get in a shooting position, you wonget as many shots off and the ones you do will likely be contested.

Get in the habit of bending your knees and gathering yourself when the pass is on the way. You’ll be ready to shoot the moment you get the ball and therefore your shot will likely be un-contested.